Kurouma / Moro Moro Land split

by Kurouma / Moro Moro Land

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released July 4, 2013

Photo: Matt Brock
Artwork & Design: Christian Brix / www.kidsartworks.wordpress.com




kurouma Finland

Sludge/Doom/Atmospheric/post-metal from Jyväskylä, FINLAND.

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Track Name: Kurouma - Death Descends
On these days of no light, Death descends from the sky
With icy blow it freezes these lives, on these cold days of night.
Track Name: Kurouma - Stay Awake
Day in and day out the sun stays away
Breathe in and breathe out try to stay awake

This frozen land gives no hope, the freeze burns like a fire, trying to steal our souls
Dreaming of the morning star, dreaming of the warmth and light, slip into oblivion

The dawn will bring first light, the horizon burns red
The sky will burst into flames, spreading its gold on us all
We will lean into the light, let the flame inside
A warm breeze will wash this land but now we must stay awake
Track Name: Moro Moro Land - Madness
Too many signs
Too many thoughts
Moans, stench and fires

All your dismays
And all your doubts
Will be torturing your mind
Until you will black out

All prejudices and fears
All prejudices and fears
All your dismays
Like poison which runs through your veins

Close the doors
Before Black Mass
Shadows everywhere
They bring you suffering
They bring you despair.

Close the doors
Before Black Mass
And make things worse
Close the doors
Before Black Mass
Bonfires will leave only bones

All you got are
Mold and rot
On whispering walls
All you got are
Mold and rot
On whispering walls
Track Name: Moro Moro Land - Wealth Is Not What You Own
Black endless wings
Will sink
Over the sea of your fears

Ran low
Ocean of life
You are alone
Nothing makes sense when you die

Like you came to this world,
Naked and all alone
The same way you will leave it
Just you, on your own

Everything ends
Now it`s your turn
Death opens the gates
For you…

In the end there'll be void
All the shit that you own
You won`t be able to take it
Over the river of souls
Coins will cover your eyes
When you`re about to die
Wealth is not what you own
But what you have done